Board of Directors and Committee Members of

A Blessing In A Bag Foundation, Inc.

2014-2015 Fiscal Year

Chairman of Board:

Ms. Kristen Welch, M.A 

[email protected]


Secretary of Board

Ms. Raquel Brewer

[email protected]


Public Relations Coordinator:

Ms. Brianna Seabron, B.A.

[email protected]


Development Coordinator:

Ms. Renicia Hillyer, B.A.

[email protected]


Board Committee Members:

Ms. Claudia Jones, B.A. (Fundraising)

[email protected]

Mrs. LaLisa Morgan, MSW (Fundraising)

[email protected]

Ms. Sheimeeka Wagstaff,B.A. (Program and Events)

[email protected]



















1st Photo: (Back row left to right S.Wagstaff, , R. Brewer, R. Hillyer.

(Front row left to right B. Seabron, L. Morgan, K. Welch)


2nd photo: K.Welch, B.Seabron, L.Morgan, C.Jones, R. Hillyer, S. Wagstaff, R. Brewer).